Suranga Weeratunga photographs US Navy Douglas Super DC-3 and Northern Lights.

"Daily Mail, UK"

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Mesmerising photos were taken by Sri Lankan photographer Suranga Weeratunga, inside Iceland's Vatnajökull Glacier.

"Daily Mail, UK"

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Aerial Photography

These are not paintings or drawings. These mind-blowing photos are the aerial view of "Glacier rivers", taken from over 1000 feet above.

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A self-taught photographer with over 15 years of experience, Suranga Weeratunga is in actuality a full-time software engineer. His passion to capture all of the world’s wonders through the lens of his camera motivates him to travel across miles between one continent and another.

"Nikon Corporation"

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Windows Theme - Sri Lanka

Photographer Suranga Weeratunga paints a richly colorful portrait of his native Sri Lanka in this free Windows theme.

"Microsoft, USA"


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